Clifford Park in Wonga Park, Victoria

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Clifford Park in Wonga Park, Victoria.

Clifford Park scout centre

This is where I’ve spent so much of my time training.  You’re going to get a lot dirtier than a lot of the gyms listed here, but it’s fun and the obstacles are surprisingly taxing. There’s nothing here that you’d see on a Ninja Warrior course, but training here you will absolutely develop the right muscles and your balance.   From memory it costs about $10 per visit.  Call ahead to make sure they don’t have any events on at the time you want to train… this is where the Victorian Tough Bloke challenge was held.


Details :

Website –

Email –

Phone – 03 9722 1471

Address – 7 Clifford Drive, Wonga Park, VIC, 3115


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